Monday, January 25, 2010


  While on the hunt for the perfect bedding for our new house, I came accross sooo many yummy choices.  It was a battle between two of these duvets below, and I finally (after much debate) decided on the Cirrus Bedding Collection from Anthropologie.  It just looks like a wonderful cloud of soft ribboned cotton, that I will be sure to get many many good night sleeps in.  I just love the soft grey color that will go with ANYTHING!  I plan to dress it up with some chocolate brown and some of my Coffee Pillows that I make for my shop.  I'm not sure on the other colors I will add, but I am thinking a musard yellow and soft turquoise.  I will be getting my bedding in the mail next month so I will be sure to post pictures of how it turns out.

My second choice was the Hedgegrow Collection from Dwell Studios here in this first picture.  It is so fun and I really love the color.  It also comes in a bright red tone as well.  A big plus is that it is on Sale right now for super cheap! 

Dwell Studio ON SALE!

Anthropologie  (the winner)


  1. holy crapola i love the first and last one! if i had to choose..i would choose the last one.

  2. i know, aren't they all so yummy! I decided on the cirrus bedding because it was a little more neutral so i can change it with my ever changing moods :D

  3. You told me about these the other day - I love it! Great choice! Can I sleep over?!