Friday, March 19, 2010

Stay Home....

  Well, I have been in looove with this little designer Olivia from Canada for some time now, and a particular item that she just made just re-comfirmed it... a PBR felt brooch!  Ummm... hello, what is not to love about that?  Two of my favorite things made into one.

  I only have some ornaments of hers that I ordered back at Christmas, but I will for sure be back to stalk her Etsy shop for more goodies.  You should check out her fun shop.  It is so cute... and well it just makes me happy.  It was so funny when my ornaments came in the mail right before Christmas.  When I opened the package I looked at Dominic and said (clutching them towards my chest) "these just make me so happy" and he thought I had lost it.  For reals.

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