Saturday, January 9, 2010


Well...I finally did it... I caved in and started a blog. After my endless hours of looking through other blogs and drooling over all of the fabulous pictures and ideas, I thought to myself " i neeeed one". So here I am!

My name is Abbie Florence, and I am the mother to an AMAZINGLY beautiful and sweet three year old girl, and fiance to a super hot Australian man. Yep, that's right. Things couldn't get much better than this. When my daughter was born I decided to do what many other women do, and I started a new hobby....sewing. It started with me just making things for her and then I decided to make my own shop. The name of my shop is Miso. It is full of fun ideas for you and your home.

I have a crazy obsession for fashion and home decor, so that is what this blog will try to focus on. Now I do tend to get a little distracted at times, so don't be surprised if something completely random pops up.

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  1. Your posts (and your inspiration) make me happy! Can't wait to see all the stuff in the new shop!!!! My house needs a bit of Abbie flair!!