Monday, January 11, 2010

Not your grandmothers wallpaper...

When most people think of wallpaper these days, they go back to when they use to visit their grandmothers house and there was some awful, outdated design on the wall.  Well you won't find that here.  People thought that the wallpaper trend was long gone.....but, IT"S BACK!  ... and I must say it is fabulous.  I am thinking of anywhere in my house that I could use a little jazzing up. 

The designers name is Lisa Bengtsson and she is based out of Stockholm Sweden.  She has an amazing gallery of art that you have to check out.  What is the most inspiring about her to me is that she is the same age as I am, and is living her dream as an artist. 

I think my favorite wallpaper out of the bunch is in this first picture, where she was asked to design a hotel room at the Hotel Anglais in Stockholm.  How fun!