Tuesday, January 12, 2010


  I just love the look of incorporating a some natural made and raw items into decorating.  It is such a great way to add another texture into your home.  Just a few pieces here and there will give your space a fresh feeling to it.  What's even better is that alot of these ideas are "do it yourself" ones. 

  These are both eco-friendly and in-expensive ways to decorate.  You can find pretty branches, bark or tree stumps to create some pretty awesome things.  One of my favorite ideas is making simple little coasters out of tree stumps.  All you need is the wood and  a saw....and you've got yourself a fun and unique way to hold your favorite drinks.  You can also decorate a the flat side of a piece of wood to make it your own little piece of art.   Or even use the bark of a tree and insert a glass vase you might already own to have a new way to hold your flowers.

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